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Ready to revolutionize your portfolio management? Embrace QuAIL Technologies' cutting-edge Q(Fin) system, offering unprecedented AI-driven insights and analytics tailored just for you. Step into the future of financial advising – make smarter, data-backed decisions, optimize your client's portfolios, and outperform the market. Don't wait to elevate your investment management game – Join QuAIL Technologies Today!

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AI-Powered Insights

Improve Investment Outcomes

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Data Aggregation

Streamline Processes

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Workflow Optimization

Spend more time growing your business

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Your Personal Digital Analyst

  1. Create Plan Summaries for dozens of plans with a single click.

  2. Write custom email and calling pitch templates.

  3. Generate Executive summaries highlighting critical points in seconds.

  4. Quickly summarize portfolio risks with detailed analytics.

  5. Integrate critical details for each client’s financial situation into all communication.

Bring to life the entirety of your businesses’ recorded information.


11,000 Stocks across NYSE, NASDAQ, and ARCA


20,000+ US Funds


10,000+ ETFs from various exchanges and countries


Index Constituents for all major indices around the world


Fundamental and Statistical data for individual stocks

Experience the future of investment management


Q(Fin) by QuAIL Technologies leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence to help investment advisors make more informed decisions, optimize portfolios, and better serve their clients. The platform offers advanced analytics, portfolio-level insights, and personalized Artificial Intelligence tailored to each individual investment advisor’s needs. The QuAIL Technologies platform empowers investment advisors to seamlessly integrate customized AI into their workflows, streamlining processes and ultimately driving better results for their clients’ portfolios.

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